First, austin webfest would like to thank each and every passionate filmmaker that entered our festival. there was some amazing
work submitted and we are proud that you held us in high enough regard to submit your hard work to our festival. our judges spent
many hours agonizing over their decisions, but ultimately came to some finalizations.
It is with great pride and pleasure that we announce the following official selections for austin webfest's 3rd year.
Lovers & Others
Mark Arellano
Orinda, CA
20 Seconds to Live
Ben Rock, Bob DeRosa
Valley Village, CA
The Other Kennedys
James Coker, Marshall Stratton
Brooklyn, NY
Hat Trick Bitches
Marlowe Holden, Madeline Chilese, Nastasia Green
Woodside, NY
Number of Silence
Csongor Dobrotka, Beate Bambauer, Jens Bambauer
Giessen, Hesse, Germany
Xavi Cortes Verdu
William, Louis and Gabriel CHICHE
Paris, FR
All Grown Up
Matthew Ewart
Get Your Life
Amanda Seales
Valley Village, CA
The Cav Kid
Chelsea Bo & Sean Drummond
Los Angeles, CA
Bang Bang Club
Jason Chan, Christian Lee
Extinction Event
Dystopian Industries
Austin, TX
Another Day With You
Amy Goddard
Pacific Palisades, CA
Q's One Night Stands
Terrence L. Moore
New York, NY
Brandon Wright
Cherry Hill, NJ
Solid 8
Magan Carrigan & Taylor Williams
Brooklyn, NY
La Supercafetera
VektorJack & HD Carlos
Madrid, Spain
Next Word
Vincenzo Stigliano
Galatina, Italy
Varney the Vampire
John F. Carroll
Austin, TX
Made in Mosjoen
Aleksander L. Nordaas
Mosjøen/Nordland, Norway
Alexandre Follain
Female Friendly
Alana Hunt
Valley Village, CA
Mortus Corporatus
Thomas Pierre, Fabien Camaly, Laurent Boudot, Virgil Vergues
Saint-Affrique - France
The Village Green
Kelly Paoli & Tanner Zurkoski
The Dump
Maude Morissette
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
My Wife is a Pastor
Victor Costa
Livin' the Dream
Kim and Mai Spurlock
Brooklyn, NY
Don't Do it!
Skylar Holcomb, Katherine Grace Murphy, Cainan Martens
Seattle, WA
Love Gov
Independent Institute & Emergent Order
Austin, TX
Seoul, Korea
Rémi Noell & Sullivan Le Corvic
Nantes, FR
Danny and Dante
Robert Lanigan & Dara Parkes-Kenna
Dublin, IR
I'm Gay
Josh Apter, Dan Jamieson, Gary Mahmoud, Jason Banke
New York, NY
Single and Dating in Vancouver
Troy Mundle
Love Street
Wanja Mary Sellers
London, UK
The Rolling Soldier/div>
John Tague
Valley Village, CA
Manic Pixie Dream Wife
M. Elizabeth Eller & Sarah MacAaron
Inglewood, CA
Last Life
Elesha Barnette
Valley Village, CA
Ghost Light
Jeanette Bonner
Jackson Heights NY
Alberto Meroni, Nick Rusconi, Chloe De Souza
Ticino, Switzerland
The Tommy Edison Experience
Ben Churchill, Tommy Edison
Santa Monica, CA
Charles Sanchez and Tyne Firmin
New York, NY
A Job, A Wife, A Life
Brett Golov
West Palm Beach/FL
Judge Dredd: Superfiend
Adi Shankar, Enol Junquera, Luis Pelayo Junquera
Gijón, Spain
Looking for Maman
Jonathan Lambert
The Pantsless Detective
Tom Chamberlain, Dipu Bhattacharya
Austin, TX
Fragments of Friday
Kacie Anning
Jonathan Braylock
New York, NY
Conversations From the Afterlife
Adam Henry Garcia
Maplewood, NJ/div>
Malena Vain
Buenos Aires, Argenina
Welcome to austin webfest 2016. See you june 23-26.
Thank you to our judges and staff for all their hard work.


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