Official selections



First, austin webfest would like to thank each and every passionate filmmaker that entered our festival. there was some amazing
work submitted and we are proud that you held us in high enough regard to submit your hard work to our festival. our judges spent
many hours agonizing over their decisions, but ultimately came to some finalizations.
It is with great pride and pleasure that we announce the following official selections for austin webfest's 2nd year.



403 Forbidden
A Quick Fortune
Acting Dead
Aj Zombies
Becky & Barry: The Series
Bennington Gothique
Bernie Says So
Bitch ‘N Lisp
Bleak: The Web Series
Blood Type
Burning Wishes
Burt Paxton: Private Detective
Classic Alice
Croissant Man
Dating Pains
Dirty Furry
Down Dog
Fatty Littlehead – Space Ranger
Follies of Youth
Gary Saves the Graveyard
Glory Days
Greetings! From Prison
Groovy Party
Growing Alice
H. Cherdon’s Austin Food Truck Adventures TXTW 2014
Help Yourself
Humane Resources
Jared Posts a Personal (Season 2)
Judas Goat
Just Sayin’
Lily Tells
Man Jam
Matt & Dave Are So Depressed
Nasty Habits
No More Parents
Noirhouse (Season 2)
Not It
People with Issues
Pretty, Dumb
Ride the Battle
Spaniards in London
Steve’s Quest: The Musical
Tech Boom!
Texting With Gosling
The ABC’s of Online Dating
The Amazing Gayl Pile
The Banks
The Happiest People in New York
The History of Football: An Odyssey
The Invisible Man
The Michelle Show
The Platoon of Power Squadron
The Popcorn Show
The River
The Storyboard Project
Uh, Hey Dude
Venice The Series
What You Can Do
Written It Down
Young Like Us
YouStar: Road to Fame

Connor Langley, Daniel Richardson
James Gavigan and Erin Hunter
Brian Beacock
Daniel Martin Rodriguez
Matthew Cornwell, Brooke Jaye Taylor, Jay D Zimmerman
Gregory E. Connor
Ryan Brooks
Kelsey Coughlin and Nicole Palermo
Kate McLennan and Kate McCartney
Kevin Wayne
Cian McGarrigle & Vincent Gallagher
Aaron Fradkin
Kate Hackett
Tulica Singh
Baker Chase & Darielle Deigan
Charles R Pearce & Alex Chod
Joe LeVine
Marc Ewins, Blanca Gomez, Scott Manuel Johnson
Ian Hubert, Nate Taylor
Emergent Order
Aidan Largey, Shaun Blaney
Patrick Gehlen
Tony Avard
Todd Bieber
D. Becheri, M. Corti, C. Cupaiolo, E. Dalla Via, M. Giovannelli, A. Patrizi, E. Tassi
Stephan Peterson
Tommy Beardmore
Alyssa Collins, Christine Giordano, Megan Solonika, Bethany Solonika
Lisa Barber and Lucy Cooper Productions
H.Cherdon & Brandon Boggs
Sean Lerner, Jim Munroe, Tate Young
Rory Uphold
John Launchi, Michael Ryan, Justin Ryan
Shaun Baer
Troy and Julie Sifford
Nick Ciavarella, Tim Dean, Jared Warner, and Adam Wirtz
Pavel Shepan
Samantha Slater, Alexandra Clayton, and Kate Hoffman
Vincent Ethier and Bruno Mercure
Matt Carmody
Matt Warren & David Zarif
Mike Akel
Christina de Leon and Katie Lee Harper
Benoit Lach and Vincent Lafortune
Sky Machine
Desiree Abeyta and Angelique Gray
Daniel Siegelstein, Jeff Storms
Liz Tabish, Anthony David Montanino
Jackson Palmer
Robin Dunne & Farrah Aviva
Evan Bartlett, Tim Jacks, Zach Cieslak
Javier Moreno Caballero
Chris Edgar
Eron Carruth
Jack Birmingham, Loren Risker, Hector Escarramán
Period Piece
Allison Howard
Brooks Gray & Morgan Waters
Adam Kosh
Roisin Donnelly & Rebecca Steele
Luke Porst & Michael Robenalt
Timothy Compton & Sean P. Malone
Michelle Rose
Jake Jarvi
Maxime Vayer & Charles Breton
Matt Longmire
Mira Zimet and Eric Weintraub
Howie Kremer
Nick Adams, Dan Chen
Crystal Chappell
Jessica Arinella
Dave Zwolenski & Matt Saraceni
Cleo Handler, Chloe Sarbib
Sofia Voltin, Stobie Piel, Natassja Voltin, Garrett Voltin
Welcome to austin webfest 2015. See you in june.
Thank you to our judges and staff for all their hard work.
You may download the laurels above by saving it down to your computer.


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