JUNE 26, 2016

6/26/2016 - 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM (GIBSON LOUNGE) MAGGIE MAES AUSTIN. 323 E. 6th St. Austin TX


Brenden Robbins has been acting in shorts and digital series from a young age. His first short, Little Wars, introduced him into the world of film and he has since been in several local Austin films and plays portraying roles from a thief to a psychopath's son. Brenden continues his interest in film behind the camera as well learning on-sets and in the classroom at camps such as Austin Film Society Summer Camp.


Callie Avery Faith Jennings
Calli is a talented and versatile young actress from Texas who began her acting career in 2012, at the tender age of five, playing the lead role of Dorothy in a full stage production of Wizard of Oz. Since, then, Calli has been blessed with many challenging roles and opportunities in film, television, commercials, and theater. Most notable, are her roles as Jessie's Girl in John Ridley's ABC drama series American Crime, as Master Calli in the New Sky Kids Young Jedis series on YouTube, as Girl USA in the Nokia Lumia Icon Challenge national winning video One Sky, and in the award winning horror short film Go to Sleep.

Emma Rose Gill
Emma Rose Gill is a 12 year old girl with many interests. Her main focus though is filmmaking. She started off acting for over 2 years and has a long resume, but turned to making the films this past year. Within the last 4 months she has done about 25 projects and writes/films/edits them all herself. Emma Rose just won a huge award, the Standing Ovation award for a film that she submitted to the Austin Youth Film Festival about teenage mental health. She owns a production company called Rainbow Rose Productions, hosts a monthly film club for local filmmakers, and even teaches a class for kids that want to learn how to make films! Emma Rose is very excited to of partnered with a local theater, the Grand Avenue Theater in Belton, where she will be holding her own film festival in September! When Emma grows up she wants to become both a pediatric therapist, and a big time director. Her life's motto is "I can and I will!"

Avi Lake
Actress Avi Lake is a proud native Texan born February 18, 2004. Her career began at the early age of four after expressing an interested in acting even before she knew what acting was. At the age of six, she made her film debut in "Meeting Evil" which afforded her the opportunity to work with Samuel L. Jackson and Luke Wilson. She continued to work on many projects and soon landed the supporting role of Tom Sizemore's daughter in the indie film "The Age of Reason". She was especially thrilled to recently play the grand-daughter of Doc himself, Christopher Lloyd, in the film "The One I Wrote for You". Avi has developed a glowing reputation for professionalism and maturity all the while being one of the most kind and fun kids to work with.


6/26/2016 - 12:15 PM to 1:15 PM (GIBSON LOUNGE) MAGGIE MAES AUSTIN. 323 E. 6th St. Austin TX

Fernando martinez / moderator

Fernando Martinez is the Marketing Director at Austin Film Festival. Originally from El Paso, Fernando graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Radio-Television-Film. He’s worked on numerous film and video productions throughout the years. He’s been a contributor to the Austin Chronicle for film related content. Fernando can usually be found taking in the local film and music scene or taking extended globetrotting adventures.

JT Campos
My name is Joseph Thomas Campos also known as JT. I was Born in Illinois, raised in the gritty world of the Valley of South Texas…I was molded throughout my young life by the need to survive in an unforgiving environment. The phrase “Addictive Pain” really brings me back to when I lost my father in a hot water heater accident at just the age of 10, a boy needs his father. I had one in my mother and she did the best she could raising my brothers and I, she knew what it was to have an addictive pain… I know about sadness and I know how it is to be hurt. I know of all the worst nightmares. I know so many painful things and I don’t even know why, but what I know now is that it keeps me alive. Because those storms in my life made me the person I am today. I’m a fighter, I always was, and life is not an easy class. You have to be broken to wake up the power inside that will keep your head up in the worst times. You have to believe and take a deep breath but also remain confident and positive. No matter what I never gave up and I never will because I know how it is to be broken into pieces, to pick them up and glue them together. It takes time but I’m stronger than ever, life made me this way. It’s been 31yrs today and I JUST WANNA SAY I LOVE YOU… LIFE IS GREAT AND I KNOW YOUR WATCHING US ( me, Mike & Jes) FROM THE HEAVENS ABOVE SMILING PROUD…. FAMILIA/AMOR/ RESPETO

Ray Perez
Born in Mexico, but raised as a Texan, Ray L. Perez discovered his interest and love for acting at a young age, but made his dream a reality as an adult with the notion that “it's never too late to pursue your dream.” Ray booked his first acting role in 2002 when he was cast as an extra in the Walt Disney film, The Rookie. He picked it back up in 2008 and has not looked back. Ray embraces and appreciates every opportunity to be a part of any film project - "There are NO small parts in film." Over the years, Ray has had the fortunate opportunity to work in film (feature/independent/student), television, commercials, industrial/PSAs, music videos and some theater. Every booking is a blessing, but the best is yet to come! Ray's television credits include roles in Constantine (NBC), Killer Women (ABC), From Dusk Till Dawn: TV Series (El Rey Network) and Friday Night Lights (NBC). Film credits include the upcoming features Fashionista and AmeriGeddon. As well as indie films, Para Ellos, Before the Sun Sets, Enemy of the Mind, Killer School Girls from Outer Space, Through The Glass Prison, and Differences Between Men and Women. Commercial credits include spots for Chevrolet, Ford, Burger King, HEB Grocery, Academy, Logan's Roadhouse, Verizon Wireless, LaCrosse Footwear, and many more.

Ammie Leonard
Ammie Nicole Leonards is a working Austin Actor in commercial, television, and film. Before she was a working actor, Ammie joined the United States Air Force right out of high school. During her enlistment, she was stationed in Northern Japan, where she was working as a medical technician and EMT. During her time in Japan, Ammie joined the Base Theater Guild, Co-hosted a weekly Hip-Hop radio show, and performed in several PSA's for the base hospital where she worked. After returning to the United States, and finishing her enlistment, Ammie moved to Georgia, where she was able to pursue her career as an actor. She met and signed with her first agent in Atlanta, GA, where she appeared in several commercials. After moving back to Texas, Ammie signed with an Austin agency and started working in commercials such as Chuck E. Cheese, HEB, AT&T, and Chick-fil-A. She made her television debut as an EMT on the reboot series "Dallas" on TNT in 2013. Since then, Ammie has booked several principal roles on network television shows such as, The CW’s "The Vampire Diaries", HBO’s "The Leftovers", as well as ABC’s "American Crime". Ammie can also be seen in several films such as "‪#‎RIP‬", "Melville", "The Doo-Dah Man", and the comedy horror feature “Virgin Cheerleaders in Chains”, which has recently wrapped. She has several projects, both television and film slated to start filming this year. Although she does enjoy dramatic roles, her roots are in the comedic realm. She is currently working as a series regular on an Untitled Comedy pilot. She has also taken her first step on her journey to become a Stand-Up Comedian. As an actor, Ammie continues to work and train in her craft, and does everything she can to help her fellow actors all over the country on their journeys as well.

Dipu Bhattacharya
Dipu Bhattacharya is the co-creator of The Pantsless Detective, an internationally award-winning web series from Austin starring co-creator Tom Chamberlain. The series, which combines film noir with comedy inspired by the movie Airplane!, has garnered acclaim across the globe, winning awards in the U.S., Spain, Italy, and Brazil, including Best Comedy Ensemble and Dailymotion Best International Series at the 2015 Rio Web Fest. A wearer of many hats for the show, he has been nominated for festival awards as a writer, director, graphic artist, and supporting actor, and has won awards for editing. He is also an occasional guest (and even guest host) on the weekly show Super Geeked Up and will be appearing on The Nicole and Tonya Show, currently in production. His past work includes various crew positions on the documentaries Six Man, Texas and The Real Santa, the short film Requiem for a Lightweight, and Tom White’s play What I Want Right Now, and several supporting roles in the comedy film One Eye Peeled. He has also been a panelist at several festivals, including the inaugural Austin Web Fest. (photo credit: Laurent Leger Adame Photography)

Francois LaRosa
CEO/Owner-Starfield Productions-Film & TV. (Cannes Film Festival Recipient 2016) CEO Indie Record Label Summary content He's been on Several Magazines, last article was in the Italian Magazine Occhio Appello as "The Best Kept Secret in a film-Austin , Texas." (Not anymore!) Even celebrities are starting to take interest. Francois Larosa formed Starfield Productions in 2008 in Austin Texas after his first Commercial was picked up by Skillpoint Alliance. Then proceeded writing his featured film," The Psychological Thriller,"The Reincarnation Of Jesse Belle" filmed in 5 cities in Texas. In 2013 was sold and Distributed, and has appeared on HBO in Portugal/Brazil-(May 2015). In 2016 was in at theaters in Australia as well as HBO GO. Distributed to International Markets via Stream & VOD too. The next film, a Pilot Novella, for Spanish TV,(The Success For The Four)-El Exito Para Las Cuatro", completed in March 2011(For January 2014) via- CBS/Telemuendo and Azteca Cable TV. In March 2011 The Film "Brotherhood" was shown during SXSW 2011. Then, Completed a 6 month Episode for the SCI-FI Pilot Series, "El Otro Lado",(The Other Side) via the TV Cable Network for CBS /Telemuendo,Writing,Directing, and Producing(Facebook/El Otro Lado). Started in December 15, 2012.-Ended May 2013(First Season completed-2nd Season starts this Oct. 2014)The New Short Film,"I ,Me, American", is in development for a Documentary for 2017.


6/26/2016 - 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM (GIBSON LOUNGE) MAGGIE MAES AUSTIN. 323 E. 6th St. Austin TX.


Justin Wright Neufeld (Creator/Writer/Director)
got his start in film and TV in 2012 with the indie sitcom pilot Disenchanted, which he co-created, co-wrote and co-produced. It went on to win Best Writing at the 2013 New York Television Festival. Master Class is his follow-up and won the Audience Award for Best Scripted Digital Series at the 2015 Austin Film Festival.

Monique Straw ("Kim")
Monique Straw grew up in a small Kansas town, but fate brought her to Good Ol' Austin, Texas, where her first “real" acting job was was as a stand-in on Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof. She has a appeared in two pilots and is currently writing one. Monique has been a producer on 3 short films, her most recent was The Closet, the first short film produced, by the Austin Women's film group, Dames In Film. She has also written and produced 2 of her own short films. Monique, was one of the main characters in the Web-Series Master Class. Most recently, she has appeared on The HBO series: The Leftovers and was cast in La Barracuda, a locally produced feature film.

Julie Linnard ("Porridge")
is an actor/singer/voice-over artist in the ATX area, and a veteran of the theatre scene. She can be heard in many an online video game, recently toured with The Intergalactic Nemesis, and can be seen in the upcoming comedy web-series The Rim Job.

Sam Bremen ("Stomakake")
is a pre-school teacher by day, but has turned to acting in recent years. His acting credits include Velociraptor: The Untold Story and You Are Your Body/You Are Not Your Body. He was also featured in a Spanish documentary about little people called Glance Up.


6/26/2016 - 2:45 PM to 3:45 PM (GIBSON LOUNGE) MAGGIE MAES AUSTIN. 323 E. 6th St. Austin TX

Lauren Comele Morris / moderator

Lifelong musician, producer and engineer for Scorpion Sound Design. Lauren provides all post production audio for films, and mixing services for some of Austin's most noted and grammy winning talent. Recent projects include composing for MTV's Catfish and Suspect and the multi-award winning Circus of The Dead.

Monique Straw
Monique Straw grew up in a small Kansas town, but fate brought her to Good Ol' Austin, Texas, where her first “real" acting job was was as a stand-in on Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof. She has a appeared in two pilots and is currently writing one. Monique has been a producer on 3 short films, her most recent was The Closet, the first short film produced, by the Austin Women's film group, Dames In Film. She has also written and produced 2 of her own short films. Monique, was one of the main characters in the Web-Series Master Class. Most recently, she has appeared on The HBO series: The Leftovers and was cast in La Barracuda, a locally produced feature film.

Mona Lee
Mona Lee was born in Germany and came to the US with her German mother and military dad. She's a working actress whose 40 years of experience includes regional theatre, major motion pictures, and network TV shows. Mona's been cast in over 50 films, TV movies, and many commercials such as Coca Cola, Chevy's Coming Home series launching Chevy's new electric hybrid vehicles and ESPN's promotions for the Longhorn Network.Richard Linklater's coming-of-age film Boyhood has taken top honors at the Golden Globe Awards, and has been nominated for six Oscars. Boyhood won Linklater the Silver Bear Award for Best Director at the Berlin Film Festival. Mona coaches Ellar Coltrane the young star of the movie and also has a cameo role in the film. Mona has done six projects in total with Linklater who has also taken Mona's acting classes. She plays Mitch's ear-pulling mom Dazed and Confused, roles in Waking Life, A Scanner Darkly, $5.15, and Bernie in which Mona has a scene with her friend, Matthew McConaughy. Mona has a co-starring role in The Teller And The Truth, directed by Andrew Shapter which will be screened at the Toronto International Film Festival in September. She's had co-starring roles in NBC's Friday Night Lights, Lifetime's Drop Dead Diva, and NBC's My Generation. Her first "Mom" role was co-starring as the mother of star, Christian Slater in the popular teen cult movie,The Legend of Billie Jean. Mona can be seen in many co-starring and supporting roles, like the 20th Century Fox film Hope Floats, directed by Forest Whitaker and starring Sandra Bullock. She appeared in co-starring roles in the TV mini-series True Women, and in the television drama Tornado Alley. An actress, screenwriter and an acting coach, Mona is a proud member of the Screen Actors Guild and AFTRA. She's been active in her unions having served as Secretary/Treasurer of the Houston Council of SAG.

Sandra Tauro
Sandra Tauro is a German actor, producer and passionate Argentine tango dancer currently living in NYC. She grew up in southwest Germany and graduated from high school in Minneapolis. Sandra has trained at the Stella Adler Studio in NYC and the Lee Strasberg Institute in LA. She holds a Masters in Business Administration from Mannheim Business School. Sandra recently starred in the Harold Clurman Lab Theater Company’s off Broadway production of 'Mother Courage and Her Children' (dir. John Gould Rubin) and shares the big screen with Mark Dacascos in the German Chinese action movie 'Ultimate Justice' (dir. Martin Christopher Bode). Sandra plays ‘Morena Waldes’ in the award-winning German mystery -web series 'Number of Silence', which she also co-produces.

H.Cherdon Bedford
H.Cherdon is an Austin-based Creative Superhero and Creative Life Coach. Her talents include writing, directing, producing, visual arts and illustration, graphic design and marketing. She is the director of Austin Film Meet, a grassroots organization providing networking, support and collaboration for the film and video community in central Texas. Her latest projects include a web series on Austin’s food trucks, an illustrated children’s book featuring Monterey Bay, and a short film about the importance of photography to families in the late 1800s. She enjoys helping other creatives and entrepreneurs through her creative coaching and private tutoring and enjoys promoting a greener life through her line of original jewelry made from recycled and upcycled materials. Visit her personal website at www.hcherdon.com and her company site at www.humblebeemedia.com to see her work. If you’re a filmmaker, join us at www.austinfilmmeet.com.

Suezean Matarazzo
Suezean Matarazzo has over 20 years of experience in film and video production. Getting her start in Los Angeles, Suezean worked in both the production and entertainment business management service industries. Suezean worked with Miller Freeman, New World Pictures, Carolco Pictures and other production companies on and off the lot as both production staff and as a day player in the G&E and camera departments. Suezean also worked in production management and accounting for Bernie Gudvi, managing the Tom Petty , Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and Tom Petty and the Heart Breakers Tour accounts. She also worked with Zidderman and Oberman for Rogue Marble and White Eagle Enterprises, Sylvester Stallone’s production companies, where Suezean worked with a financial and production team managing thirty of Stallone’s business’ and production ventures. Suezean also managed Mr. Stallone’s personal finances and the payroll of his production staff, domestic, personal assistants and body guards. Relocating to Austin, Texas Suezean cofounded and served as Chief Financial Officer for the music software company Nemesys Music Technology. Nemesys revolutionized the sampling industry as the first company to develop a drive-based streaming audio product the GigaStudio , a product line which was designed for studio music recording. Nenesys Gigastudio line was championed by Hans Zimmer who coined the company slogan ‘ Always innovate, never imitate” and appeared in the company advertising. GigaStudio an award winning product was used on the Academy award winning score for ‘Gladiator’, and hundreds of other films and network shows. After selling NemeSys to Tascam Japan, Suezean returned to her roots in film. Relearning her craft in a digital format, she went on to form Matahari Pictures, a small production and editing studio in Austin, Texas whose clients include ; Bad Boy Records, MTV, Van Morrison, The SIMs foundation, The United Way and numerous other commercial, film and documentary productions. Suezean has also served for the last 10 years as a field producer for the SXSW Pro Media Department, producing convention coverage, live music showcases and red carpet content for the SXSW Music and Film Festival. In 2014 Suezean founded Austin Grip and Electric, a film equipment rental company in Austin that provides equipment and crew for National Geographic, Bravo, Food Network, Nike, Discovery Channel, Esquire, CBS and numerous other networks, small films, commercials, music videos and independent feature films. Suezean has won numerous awards for her work as a Director of Photography and Gaffer, most recently a 2016 National Gold Addy award for the Alamo Don’t Talk and Text PSA with Kyle Chandler. Suezean has a history of serving the Austin community by sharing her love and respect of film, and the process of film making. Former Chief Financial Officer of Austin Film Alliance she mentors RTF students from all walks of life. Suezean has a history of serving non-profits and served on the advisory council for Our Mission Possible, a non-profit organization that forms a bridge between the judicial system and young, at risk teens in east Austin, she also served on the Board of Reel Woman, a Texas based non profit dedicated to the advancement of women in the entertainment industry .Suezean works closely with teachers and young aspiring film makers, co-authoring the Media Tech and Film department’s 2008 curriculum at all LISD high schools. She has an inclusive approach to film, bringing interns to shadow in the Camera, Grip and Electric departments on film productions. In 2011 Suezean and her husband Nathan founded and privately funded the Austin Film and Arts Academy, a film summer camp designed for children in low income households. The film camp offered free tuition to children with learning disabilities and students from low income households. LinkedIn profile Link: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/suezean-matarazzo/6/599/608 Website: www.mataharipictures.com


6/26/2016 - 4 PM to 5 PM (CLUB ROOM) MAGGIE MAES AUSTIN. 323 E. 6th St. Austin TX

JOIN ILLUSEFFECTS STUDIOS to learn how to make your own realistic skulls for film.
RYAN KRUEGER will walk you through a detailed instruction from coating your mold to releasing your final product. Join us for an Amazing workshop.

6/26/2016 - 5 PM to 6 PM (CLUB ROOM) MAGGIE MAES AUSTIN. 323 E. 6th St. Austin TX

Ziko Farajzada / moderator

Ziko Farajzada was born in Moscow, Russia. He studied philosophy at Lomonosov Moscow State University in Russia and later in 2007 after moving to USA he studied film in Park University in Kansas City, Missouri where he also trained and taught gymnastics . After realizing that behind camera wasn't his calling, he decided to become a stuntman and hasn't looked back since. At age 10 Ziko began practicing Sambo-Judo overseas in his home country and later has studied numerous martial art forms such as Capoeira, Muay Thai, Krav Maga,Tae Kwon Do,and Jeet Kune Do. Which inspired him to show off his skills in front of the camera. Inspired by action films he steadily improved his martial arts skills and became a MMA (mixed martial arts) fighter for few years. Due to his passion towards action films he is now focused on his film career as a "stunt performer " and continues to network and better himself.

Bobby Sargent is known for his work on First Blood (1982), Dazed and Confused (1993) and Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982).

Robert Steven Brown is a Fight Choreographer and Stunt Coordinator for the I AM WATER Stunt Team. Born and raised in Austin, TX and since the age of 10, Robert has been a practitioner of a wide range of martial arts. Studying and gaining experience in these various styles of the martial arts allows him to bring a wide range of unique style to his fight choreography and action sequences. I AM WATER Stunt Team is an Austin, TX based Stunt Team that was formed in 2014 by Robert Steven Brown and Jayson Atz. The concept behind this Stunt Team is based off of Bruce Lee’s quote “Be like water” which states “Don’t get set into one form, adapt it and build your own, and let it grow. Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless, flow and crash – like water.” With this concept and our wide range of talent we are able to adapt and form too many if not all situations and scenarios. Robert and Jayson have trained with the United Stuntmen’s Association in Seattle, WA and the LA Stunt Team out of Atlanta, GA. Since newly being established the I AM WATER Stunt Team is gaining a lot of traction and a positive reputation in the Austin Film Community in a short period of time. Their work can be seen in these recent and upcoming movies Blood Sombrero, No Chance, Founding Fathers, Flashburn and Chinaman Wu-Ping: Stranger Out of Canton.

Benjamin Nathaniel Redic II aka The Violence Conductor, is a young and talented filmmaker with a passion for all things media. Hailing from Fort Hood, Texas, he has worked as a fight choreographer, cinematographer, stunt man, professional hip hop choreographer, writer and actor. With the help of a few veterans, (Hooah!) and lifelong friends, he founded and agreed to become the CEO of Ballistic Blade Entertainment LLC, a company specializing in Action Cinematics and fight choreography choreography. If you need something chased, kick stabbed or jabbed, you better call Ballistic Blade. When he is not working on his own projects he lends his time, talent, and expertise to other filmmakers in the area and really believes that this spirit of collaboration will be key to the future of film making becoming bigger than it already is. Instead of leaving Austin to follow the work in other cities, he has focused on creating work and opportunities here in Texas and will continue to do so. The company, Ballistic Blade Entertainment has provided cinematography for multiple shorts, music videos, a PBS series, a theatrically released independent film and there is another finished film going through post. Benjamin is currently in production on his first project , Chinaman Wu-Ping: Stranger Out of Canton and in pre development on a post apocalyptic film tentatively titled Obey The Sword.